PikNinja Sweat Band

PikNinja Sweat Band

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PikNinja Sweat Band (set of 2)

This soft, stretchy fabric of this extra wide sweatband will absorb all the sweat as you display your pickleball skills on the court. Embroidered with the PikNinja to remind you to believe in yourself!

Product details:

Color: White

Size: one size, 4 ½ inches

Material:  ***

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Pikninja community reviews

"PikNinja Sports is one of the most original and fresh brands in the sport. The shirts are fire and the paddles are fantastic. Highly recommend PikNinja products. Keep your eyes out on this pioneering brand."

David D. 5.0 rated pickleball player

As a relatively new pickleball player and long time tennis player, I have totally fallen in love with the assassin pro paddle, which produces great amount of feel at the net and superior spin to pull those groundstrokes in when at the baseline. I would recommend this paddle to those who are looking to make that big leap into a performance pickleball equipment.

Brandon K, 4.0 rated pickleball player

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