Pickleball, Giving, Kids, Youth, Best Paddle, Budget, Award Winning, Free, Community, Free, Fun, Happy, Service, VolunteerPickleball, Giving, Kids, Youth, Best Paddle, Budget, Award Winning, Free, Community, Free, Fun, Happy, Service, Volunteer



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Our Promise

The PikNinja "NINJA" Code of Ethos

N - Never Give up

I - Integrity on and off the courts

N - No Fear

J - Just believe

A - Always respect others

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What our customers are saying...

PikNinja Sports is one of the most original and fresh brands in the sport. The shirts are fire and the paddles are fantastic. Highly recommend PikNinja products. Keep your eyes out on this pioneering brand.

David D. Pickleball 5.0 player

High quality equipment and services! As a relatively new pickleball player and long time tennis player, it was great to feel at home in this new sport.

I have totally fallen in love with the assassin pro paddle, which produces great amount of feel at the net and superior spin to pull those groundstrokes in when at the baseline. Great paddle for all ability levels, and I would recommend this paddle to those who are looking to make that big leap into a performance pickleball equipment. I was surprised at the difference from a paddle off the shelves at target to this one that is clearly made with care and precision.

To top it all off, the experience with the owner is premium. You can feel his passion for the sport and product. I highly recommend jumping into the PikNinja team!

Brandon K. 4.0+ player

First - the graphics. I admit, I think they are awesome, and they are the reason I bought the paddle.

Now the performance of the paddle. Never ever have I been able to pick up a paddle and just use it without an adjustment period. However, this paddle was different. It felt great from the first hit. Every shot felt clean, and I was bowled over by the touch it had. I was able to dink and drop at will. Even with that amount of touch, it still provided power. That was probably because of the weight. Mine weighed in 8 - 8.1 oz.

I think you all have a great product, and once it gets out there, you will be incredibly successful. And your customer service is superb. Thank you very much, and good luck.

Marni L. 4.0+ player

I have played with both the Onix Z5 and Selkirk Prime S2 Lightweight. All I can say is the PikNinja Assassin Pro is my favorite out of the three. The S2 has control but lacks power. The Z5 has power but lacks control. The Assassin Pro is right in the middle, power and control and spin. PikNinjas! Roll Out!!!.

MaiSheng 3.5+ player

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