Meet Fuyei, Head Master of PikNinja Sports

Fuyei* is a proud Hmong American business man.  He is a beloved community sports mentor and an energetic family man. He and his superhero wife are building their little empire in Minnesota with their three little PikNinjas (see awesome family photo below).

For Fuyei, PikNinja Sports was born decades ago, when he first picked up a tennis racquet at the age of 13. As a child of refugees from Laos, finding the time and being able to afford sports equipment were barriers to his success on the courts, but Fuyei kept at it, sacrificing and dedicating himself to the game, as a path out of poverty.

In a short time, he proved to be an excellent player, and later received an academic scholarship to play Division 3 tennis for the University of the Ozarks, where he co-captained the men's tennis team for two years. Fuyei has long recognized the powerful impact sports had on him, and he carried that into a life in corporate America, and later as Associate Director of the non-profit St Paul Urban Tennis for several years.

In 2019, during a particularly long and cold Midwest winter, Fuyei learned about pickleball from his USTA tennis teammates, and life was never the same. His love and passion for pickleball was out of this world. Soon, he inspired his children, his extended family, and his neighbors to play.

The ease of learning this game, the joy that players get, and the health benefits it brought to him and his family is why Fuyei wants to share pickleball with the world.

That is how PikNinja was born.

PikNinja Sports has the same ethos and values as Fuyei does for his own family. Our company is about positivity, personal health, and team work, both on and off the courts, for the young, for the older, for one and for all. 

So, join the clan. Believe, Become, PikNinja! 


* (pronounced FOOH-yay)