Assassin Pro Paddle


    Bonus neoprene protective sleeve

    included with each paddle! $15 Value.

    The Assassin Pro is the premiere paddle of PikNinja Sports and the most versatile paddle on the market for all-around playability at an unbelievable price.   

    Each paddle also includes a bonus free neoprene PikNinja paddle sleeve ($15 value).  

    Hours and hours of playtest have gone into it's development.  This paddle was made to have an extremely easy learning curve, comes with a traditional octagon tennis grip, and weighs in at around 8 oz.  Not only does the Assassin Pro do everything extremely well, it is intentionally priced 30-40% less than it's top competitors because PikNinja Sports believes that price should not be a barrier to quality paddles. 


    So go and choose the color that brings out your inner PikNinja!



    USAPA-Approved for all sanctioned events or play 




    SURFACE: glass fiber composite for extreme spin, durability and control.  We added a little extra grit so that you can brush up and really create that extra spin most racket sport players desire.  


    CORE: high performance honeycomb polymer for increased sweet spot.  This is a super forgiving core that will still respond if not hit perfectly in the middle of the paddle.  We know nobody is perfect, so we designed a paddle that was more forgiving than most.  


    WEIGHT: 7.8-8.2 oz +/- Mid-weight, for the perfect balance of both power and control.  A great middle ground for both power and control hungry players.  


    PADDLE:   length 15.9″ width 7.9″ for amazing all-around playability 


    THICKNESS: 0.6″ or 13mm for superior dinking and absorption near the non-volley zone.  This is a thinner profile than most paddles so that you have more speed at the kitchen line.  


    3D COMFORT TENNIS GRIP:  length 5.25″, width 4.25″ for hours of continuous play and sweat absorption.  This grip is slightly longer than the traditional pickleball paddle and also boasts a traditional octagon tennis grip.  It will feel natural for anyone with a racket sport background.